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Active+ Rebrand

Most people know ACTIVE+ as the old Hull Indoor Sports Centre or Little Monkeys, and this is the challenge their marketing manager, Hellen Tordoff, faced when she started in March. Two weeks later, and the doors closed when the UK was forced into lock down.

“The first thing that struck me was ACTIVE+ is a hidden gem, something most new people say when they first arrive on site. With its entrance at the end of Harpings Road, opposite Ideal Standard on National Avenue, it’s a place that’s long been off the radar for so many people, even those living in
the local area.

“The forced shutdown created an opportunity for some long overdue renovations and time to ask some fundamental questions about the business and markets we serve,” says Hellen.

“We were a collection of brands: Little Monkeys, Pro Soccer, Frames Snooker Club, and The Woolshed function room, but no one really knew who, what or where ACTIVE+ was.

“The Pro Soccer brand excluded other sports, and although we’re known for our 5-aside 3G pitches and leagues, hockey players were unaware of our two FIH approved sand based artificial grass pitches, and netball teams unaware we had courts. Little Monkeys had a strong, loyal customer base
but needed a makeover to attract new customers and enhance the overall experience.”

Helen Tordoff

To encourage inclusivity and a welcome for all sports and activities, the team felt it was important to change the branding.
ACTIVE+ sports has replaced the Pro Soccer and Frames brands.
ACTIVE+ events has been created to cover event and party hire, and events run by the venue itself.
Little Monkeys continues as a brand in its own right, but new and old visitors alike will be very pleased with the changes to the entrance, café area and menus.

Another area for improvement was signage, which in March was a mixture of old and new, offering little clarity and overall identity. After a tendering process, Active+ started working with their neighbour, FAST SIGNS, to create some new, attractive and effective signage.

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