Meet The Team


Jayne and Lyn


The Hull Hub was brought about by two best friends Jayne Bentley and Lyn Davies.
It was whilst they where listening to the radio and heard for the umpteenth time that Hull was the bottom of the league for this and the worst in the country for that…..  they knew that Hull was so much more than that so decided to produce a publication that showcased the positive stories, the acts of kindness that often go unnoticed and how Hull is a community to be proud of.
They immediately went to work at their new office AKA the dinning room and dinning table, working for four months before issue one was published.
Jayne has a background in the craft industry, design, manufacturing, magazine publication and shopping channel TV.
Lyn has a background of over thirty years as a senior social worker, practice teacher, and has always ran a successful business.
They both share a love of family, friends and fun, hard work, all things positive and of course the great city of Hull and surrounding areas.
Jayne and Lyn know that sometimes your in a place where you feel that you can’t do something, but our choices in life start with a simple belief in ourselves “Believe You Can and Your Halfway There” has been on the front cover of every issue of The Hull Hub from the very beginning.