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Hull 4 Heroes able to respond quicker with new corporate card solution

Hull based financial technology firm Expensemate has given Hull 4 Heroes the ability to respond quicker to veterans’ needs with three pre-paid cards, which speed up and monitor the transactions that are essential to running the charity.

Expensemate, which is part of the Rix Group, launched the only corporate expense card to offer credit in 2020. They have gifted the charity with three of their pre-paid cards – worth £252 a year in usual fees – to enable members of the Hull 4 Heroes team to respond quickly when supporting veterans.

Paul Matson, chairman and founder of Hull 4 Heroes, said: “This is such a great system for us as it really takes the hassle out of getting hold of the things we need. Before Expensemate, we were working with just one card and found ourselves having to move it around the city – it really slowed us down.

“Now we have these cards it’s making a difference already. Each card has a budget and then we can track what’s being spent via the app. It means we’re able to serve our veteran community so much more efficiently.

“I’m so grateful for the team at Expensemate who thought of giving us this opportunity and showing their support for what we’re doing here on a daily basis.”

In addition to supplying the cards and unique expenses-tracking software, Expensemate’s parent company JR Rix and Sons have also added £1,000 to the ongoing Veterans Village campaign.

Harry Rix, founder of Expensemate, said: “It’s an absolute privilege to be able to support Hull4Heroes and the work they do in supporting our service veterans in Hull and the surrounding area.

“Our card systems – both the credit-based and pre-paid cards – really do give people the chance to make things happen quickly and efficiently, and, when time is money, that’s a really valuable factor that can make a huge difference.

“As soon as I heard from our sales executive Conner Toy how they were managing things currently, I knew this was something Expensemate could help with, so it’s great to see it working so well already.”

You can find out more about Expensemate here.

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