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Labour Ward team thanked for supporting women giving birth in a pandemic

Staff on Hull’s Labour Ward have been thanked for their work to support women giving birth during a pandemic.

Labour Ward Matron Angela Rymer is thanking midwives, midwifery assistants, medics, housekeeper, hygienist, cleaning and health care staff on the Labour Ward at Hull Women and Children’s Hospital for providing the best possible care to women and their families since the start of the pandemic.

She said: “The team on Labour Ward have always been flexible, supportive and professional but the pandemic has demonstrated just how versatile, caring and dedicated to the women and their families they truly are.

“Saying thank you doesn’t come close to reflect how proud I am and how grateful I feel to them all for how they have all conducted themselves in these very difficult months. Each and every member of the team has gone above and beyond.”

The team has helped women in labour and their partners, supporting them as they deal with the added anxieties and stresses of bringing a new baby into the world during a pandemic.

They have worked round-the-clock for more than a year to support the women in their care as hundreds of babies have been born into the safest possible environment despite the risks associated with the virus.

As well has supporting each other in their working environment, the Labour Ward team has its own “Support Your Colleagues” group on social media where they swap tips, arrange and flex their shifts to help each other and have games and quizzes to build on their relationships when they’re not on duty.

Angela said: “They are a true credit to this organisation and to each other and I’m proud to be a part of the team.

“The work has continued throughout the entire pandemic and the staff have embraced this to continue to deliver high standards of care to our women and their families dealing with new challenges along the way with grace and professionalism

“I would like to thank them all from not only myself but from all the women and families they have helped and cared for during these difficult times.”

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