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There are fewer than 80 days to Christmas! Does that thought fill you to the brim with excitement, or panic or dread? We all feel differently about it – and what is important about it is different for us all too. For some it’s about traditions – religious – not, making those traditional family recipes, decorating the tree in a particular way or with items made by children who now have children of their own. For some the focus is about getting together with family and friends and most recent Christmas’s have shown that without those people, Christmas becomes a pale shadow of itself.

For many it’s about the giving and sharing, not of expensive gifts, but of precious things like time to chat and willingness, like filling the empty seat at your table, making a hamper for a neighbour. It is also for the person that we have never met and may never see and it is here where #We Made This comes in.

Over the last few projects, there have been increasingly more participants from residential and sheltered/supervised care. These people are often living with many other people, but their life circles have become progressively smaller. So, we’d like to be able to share a Christmas Wish with as many of them as possible this year. How? Read on!

We would like to include three elements in a pack which will be received – a hand-made card using whatever you like, however you like and either 5in x 7in. or 6in x 6in– but no glitter please!

We’d like to include a decoration – 2-d, or pieces to slot together to make 3-d – to fit in the envelope

And finally a Christmas Wish, Message or Blessing written by the maker.

Now if you are a whizz at card-making and only want to do that – fabulous, you do that! If decorations are more your line – great – you do them! If you want to do the whole ‘bells and whistles’ then please do!

We would like to have these out in the community on December 1st 2021 so we will need to gather them from you before then so we can make them up – date to be advised.

If you work in settings where people might receive packs – you can be givers too, we’ll just make sure you don’t get your own ones back!

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