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Choosing the right Brush

Brushing your hair is something we all do, but do you brush your hair correctly? It may sound strange, but using the right brush and the right technique will make a huge amount of difference to your hair. Here are some top tips…

First of all, let’s get rid of the old wives tale about brushing your hair 100 times a day. This may have worked in the days when you only shampooed your hair at Christmas or on your birthday, but nowadays, you really don’t have to. If anything, over-brushing could cause damage. So, when you’ve got rid of any tangles or have your style just the way you want it, put the brush down and walk away from the mirror!

How to brush correctly.

When you’re brushing or combing wet hair you must take care as it is in a vulnerable state, especially if it is dry or damaged. Wet hair stretches and if you pull on it too much you could easily cause breakage. Therefore on wet hair I would use either a wide tooth comb or a large paddle brush. Always start combing the ends of your hair first, gently teasing out any knots and working your way up towards your roots until your hair is silky smooth. It’s a good idea to do this when you have conditioner on if your hair is particularly tangled.

Choosing the right brush to style with makes all the difference.

When you want volume, a round (radial) brush is the one to pick up. It’s really important you build volume in at the roots, so try to angle your hair in the opposite direction to which you eventually want it to fall. Rotate your brush as you dry to create soft natural movement. And although it might take little longer, dry small sections at a time for maximum volume and to make your style last longer.

If you want a smoother, sleeker look, a paddle brush is perfect. You still want a little bounce at the roots, so pull the section of hair up and then dry down the full length. Remember to point your dryer down the hair from root to tip to get rid of any flyaways, add shine and to keep your style smoother for longer.

When you are out and about, always have a small brush in your bag to keep your hair looking great. A great tip is to brush your hair just before a big meeting or if you’re on a date – it adds shine and polish to your hair to give a final boost of confidence (it’s what the team do just before a celeb goes onto the stage.)

Brush care

Finally, remember to look after your combs and brushes. It takes no time at all to pull any loose hairs from the teeth or bristles and give them a quick wash under warm soapy water. You’ll not only be extending their life, you’ll get a much better result on your hair.

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