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The Fashion Corner with Amy Symons

As a self-confessed shopaholic, I find I’m having an inner battle with myself when it comes to spending money at the moment. On the one hand there is so much uncertainty and I feel that I need to be more responsible and that it would be a great time to save… on the other I see fashion as my hobby and buying a new outfit does wonders for the spirit, after all they don’t call it retail therapy for nothing!

I decided that before I brought any new items in to the house that I would go through my existing wardrobe and actually see what clothes I had. It’s something I often put off because of lack of time so I thought I’d take this opportunity to organise everything, which will hopefully stop me spending needlessly and to make it easier finding outfits when outside clothes become more relevant than loungewear.

I started by taking all my seasonal items and putting them in vacuum bags and storing them away, there’s no point having them there as a distraction if I’m not wearing them anytime soon.

I then get my basic items in order as they make the foundations to build the rest of my wardrobe around. These would include a couple of pairs of really good fitting jeans, plain tees, a blazer, leather jacket, etc. Items that never go out of style and will complement the rest of your clothes.

Then it’s a case of trying things on and experimenting with different outfit builds. For example, I’ll try on a top and firstly pair it with basic jeans to make sure I still like the top. Then I’ll pair it with trousers, try on a jacket and if that doesn’t work then I’ll try a skirt or shorts or try a different coat. This really helps to make everything in your wardrobe work harder and will give you plenty of ideas the next time you want to wear a particular item.

This is a great way for clearing things out too. If you realise something doesn’t suit you anymore or doesn’t work with the rest of your wardrobe then it needs to go. I always find it difficult to get rid of items because it seems like a waste of money, but there’s no point keeping something if you aren’t going to wear it. The item will just stay hanging there, the money has been spent, it’s still not being worn and will only distract you from the pieces you do like.

Hopefully by shopping from your own wardrobe it will give your clothes a new lease of life and help you resist clicking ‘add to basket’…for a little bit longer at least!

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