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Park Street Performing Arts

Park Street Performing Arts Centre are a well-established charity in Hull City Centre focusing on getting people from 3 to 99 into various disciplines of the Arts.  We are staffed by 5 Trustees – all voluntary and 5 members of teaching staff.  Due to transitional changes in July, we needed 4 brand new teachers and all have brought a real structure to the school and transformed the way we deliver Musical Theatre, Dance, Drama and Singing.   

Previous students have included Derren Litten (Writer of Benidorm, star of Catherine Tate Show etc) and Sheridan Smith!At our school we have a fantastic 70 seat theatre with stage, backstage area, wings and tech booth for sound and lighting.   We also have a singing and music room, ballet studio and a little cafe where students and parents can grab a drink, snacks and generally chill out between classes.   

Aladdin Cast

Currently in production are FOUR shows for 2019.  We have the rights to perform “Cats”, “Dracula The Musical”, “Superboy” and “Wind In The Willows: The Musical” which will be staged at Hull Truck Theatre in July and our most ambitious project yet! Park Street don’t own the building, and this is in need of some renovation and upgrades to attract the next generation of students. 

The school is ENTIRELY self-funded and all profits from shows and fund-raising events goes straight back into the school and purchasing licencing rights for shows which can be very expensive. We need to replace the windows in the Ballet and Dance Studio plus new mirrors and barre’s, install sound-proofing in the Singing Room, replace the main stage and buy new wireless microphones for the casts.  We have a little help from some local businesses but are looking to engage more with the community and bring in more students which adds desperately needed revenue and bigger casts for our shows.

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