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Hull urged to #ClapForOurCarers to celebrate NHS workers

People in Hull has been urged to join a national movement to show appreciation for NHS workers.

At 8pm this evening, people across the country are expected to step outside their homes – provided they can safely do this – and join two minutes of clapping to honour health workers.

People will stand in gardens, on driveways, on balconies or out of windows and clap loud and proud in recognition of those fighting coronavirus.

Hundreds of thousands are expected to join in, with the message #ClapForOurCarers trending widely on social media. The clapping is to recognise all those working in health including doctors, nurses, GPs, emergency workers paramedics and pharmacists.

The planned wave of support follows similar movements around the world, including in Italy, India, Spain and China.

Julia Weldon, director of Public Health at Hull City Council, said: “Now, more than ever, we are all so very aware of the invaluable work our NHS staff do. Right now, locally and around the country, doctors, nurses and other essential NHS workers are working gruelling hours, separating from loved ones and completely dedicating themselves to ensuring care is there for us or our loved ones when we need it.

“Whether they are directly working with patients who have coronavirus, caring for all the other people who still need it, or otherwise keeping everything running, none of us could cope without them.

“I would urge all of you to join in on Thursday. Observe the government measures in place to protect us, but please stand outside your homes, on balconies, on driveways or gardens, stand by your open windows and clap as loud as you can to show those on the frontline of healthcare how much they mean to us all.

“Bang a drum, bash a pan with a spoon, shout or cheer if you would rather – just make it loud and proud. If you need to stay inside, film yourself and other household members and share on social media. It doesn’t matter how you join in, just be part of it.

“I would also like to extend thanks and recognition to all those working in care and support roles right now, whether that’s looking after vulnerable people, providing frontline public services, delivering essentials, stocking supermarket shelves and serving shoppers and all the other vital work we continue to rely on. We should be grateful to all those keeping us going through this difficult time.”

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