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HULL TRUCK THEATRE UPDATE | Coronavirus: a message to our audiences and community

In direct response to Government and NHS advice about coronavirus, Hull Truck Theatre, along with theatres across the country, will be closed until Sunday 10 May 2020. All performances and events within that time have been postponed or cancelled to ensure the safety of our audiences, staff and communities.  

The Box Office team are working hard to contact all the people affected by the closure. Customers who had booked for a performance that is now cancelled will be offered the option of receiving a full refund, credit or making a donation to the Hull Truck Theatre Future Fund. We are initially prioritising bookings between 23-28 March but will be in touch with everyone in due course. Please bear with us as this will take some time and we thank you for your patience.  

The Box Office opening hours are: 
Monday – Friday, 10am – 5pm 

What’s next for the future?
For almost 50 years this theatre has grown and thrived thanks to you – as a ticket-buyer, as a supporter, as part of our Hull Truck Theatre family.

In these uncertain times, we’re relying on you more than ever. Like you, we’ve been plunged into a critical situation – we are a registered charity and our sales make up half our income. And so many people depend on us for their livelihood – we’re acutely aware of their contribution. 

We’re hugely grateful to those Hull Truck heroes who have been able to donate the cost of their tickets to ensure our survival. Of course we appreciate that not everyone will be in a position to do this, and if so we’ll make sure you get the refund or credit due to you promptly. But if you could consider making a contribution at the right level for you, you’ll be investing in our future: 

A future of great work on stage to entertain you 
A future of finding new ways for people to get creative in the community 
A future of opportunities for the next generation of writers and performers 

We’re thinking hard about new creative ways to keep you involved and entertained in the meantime, and looking forward to keeping you informed.  

We’re a theatre family – even though we need to stay apart right now, it’s together we are stronger. Thank you for being there for us in these difficult times. We hope to welcome you back soon.  

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