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My name is Mike Covell, and I am passionate about Hull’s history. In the past I have fought tooth and nail for such historic locations as Beverley Gate, Hands on History Museum, James Reckitt Library an have written and researched our history for the past decade.

In that short space of time I have published 28 books, had an international best seller, sold the rights to four of my books to Holywood, and won an award for my writing in 2018.

I have featured in numerous television shows, radio shows, magazines and newspapers talking about Hull and have worked with such amazing people as Dr. Alec Gill MBE, Paul O’Grady, Rylan Clark Neal, Yvette Fielding, Karl Beattie, Sugg’s from Madness, Jamie East, Paul Ross, Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman.

I have advised and appeared on television shows promoting our history including WWII Treasure Hunters, The Bombs that Changed Britain, Most Haunted Live, Paranormal Lockdown, Ouija Dicing with Death, and Prime Suspect Jack the Ripper, putting Hull and it’s history on a global scale.

As a city we should be proud of our history and heritage, and yet time and time again these inspiring stories are often ignored with the same old repetitive stories churned out to the masses. There is more to Hull than we realise. As a tour guide I take thousands of local, national and international guests around our city on a regular basis, showing them our history and heritage, They all leave amazed at what Hull has to offer,

I love Hull’s history, we live in such an amazing unique city, with such a fascinating history but it always gets overlooked, from it’s early days and Royal charters, through to its role in the English Civil War, it’s bombardment in WWI and it’s resilience in WWII.

Our history is important, and it’s time to bring these historical stories kicking and screaming into the present for the future.

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