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Rise Above

I thought I would just talk about a topic that effects all of us in whatever way. And that is bullying this can happen in several different ways whether it is physical, mentally, or over the internet.

Bullying is wrong in every way shape or form if we keep things bottled up inside of us nothing will be resoleved this is why I spoke out about my story. In my first year of school this boy started being unkind with the odd name calling and gradually got worse and more often

I mentioned what was happening straight away to my Mum and Dad and straight away my Mum was arranging to speak to my Year Head. Who’s main priority was safe guarding me. Even though the school had put things in place to keep me safe this particular boy was not interested in doing what he needed to.

I never wanted to go to school but I didn’t want to show them I was scared and that I could still do it and in the second year of school it came back with a bang it started to be a lot more physical and I was becoming more and more unhappy so I spoke to my personal tutor and they was on the phone to my parents and they came in for a meeting and we decided as a family to go to the police.

This affected me because I love to go Horse riding and I was lacking in confidence and wanted to curl up in a ball and not want to do anything with the animals,

I would have a bad day at school and would go to my swimming club and I would get hassle off my coach and I gave up that as I didn’t feel good enough anymore, I also never went to meet up with my friends and it was a really lonely time and I had no confidence and I didn’t trust anyone. So this New Year we need to think about what we say before we say it and look after others. And I am going to leave you with this quote to think about

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