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Moon On A Stick

Scientific research has proved that creative activities help raise your levels of happiness, increases mental resilience and helps battle seasonal lows. By keeping your mind active you release ‘feel good’ chemicals into your system which in turn actually make you feel more positive. As a Life Coach using Theraputic Art, I have been researching the creative opportunities available in our City. Part of this research has been to attend a wide variety of activities in many different locations so that I can signpost these to others. In the process I have had fun, expanded my skills and feel that we have endless diverse possibilities right here on our doorstep – It is just a case of knowing where to look.

Although there are regular classes and qualifications on offer through Adult Education, the majority of the sessions I have attended are short taster events enabling you to try something new without feeling pressure. These activities are literally about what is in your HeART – its all about you! So, if your last creative experience was at school or decorating your living room, let me reassure you that new creativity also includes cooking, writing, gardening, vision boards as well as new, adventurous crafts.

My journey began by finding ‘The Moon on a Stick’ on Facebook. Sessions are located in a café down trendy Newland Avenue and their ‘something for everyone’ programme includes felting, crocheting, windchimes, suncatchers and creative clay. So far, I have created a dinner plate sized Green Man for my home (which would have cost a fortune to buy), and my eighty-eight year old mother made a dream catcher highlighting that age is not a barrier either. The seasonal jam making included lots of tasting whilst the fermented food made me feel healthier just by having the jars of the stuff on my windowsill.

Costs are reasonable, including all resources and refreshments plus lots of free laughter. The classes are short (roughly two hours) and numbers are small so you are constantly supported. You can attended with friends, family or on your own, meeting new people along the way. I promise you will leave a session clutching a finished product, a great sense of achievement and with a little bounce in your step.

So, The HeART Coach prescription is – get creative, avoid boredom and ultimately increase your happiness score…it is out there, and I am happy to show you the way.

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