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Lifestylers are you up for the challenge?

We know that many of our young people are feeling sad that Lifestyle 2020 has been cancelled, and for some of last year’s winners prize trips have been postponed.

So we have decided to keep the spirit of Lifestyle alive and set our young people a special challenge to help share our smiles and keep everyone going through this unusual time.

Lifestylers, are you up for it?  

One thing that has been really positive to see, throughout the lockdown, is the way that our communities have come together. Whether that’s offering to do shopping for an elderly relative, clapping the key workers on a Thursday evening or even just by staying home to keep well and protect the NHS.

Whilst out on patrol, our officers have been enjoying all the lovely rainbow pictures and paintings that you have all been busy making, and many of them have commented how much those pictures have made them smile. 

So Lifestylers, we want to keep that positivity going and here’s how you can help.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to create something that, when displayed in your windows or garden, will help brighten someone’s day.

Now we know how creative you all are, we see that from the amazing projects you do every year, so we really want you to bring your creative flair to the challenge.

It could be a painting, a drawing, a collage, a poem, a sculpture… anything that you can make safely at home that will make someone smile, whilst they are on their way to work, exercising or on another essential journey.

We know that you can’t go to the shops to get the art supplies that you might wish you had for creating your masterpiece, but we’re sure that with a bit of imagination you can find things at home that you can use (with a parent’s permission) to make something really ace!

Once your artwork is complete all you need to do is display it somewhere visible from the street and then ask a parent to take a photo of it and email it in to us at: 

Please also make sure they include your name, age and the area that you live (e.g. Scunthorpe, Hull, Goole, Bridlington etc.) in the email.

We are so excited to see all your designs and will be sharing them with our officers and staff, who are busy working to make sure that we are all safe at this unusual time.

We will also be sharing some on our social media channels to help spread the joy, so please make sure your parents follow us at @HP_LifestyleYET on Twitter and Humberside Police Youth Engagement on Facebook so that you can see what everyone else has been busy making.

So, what are you waiting for? Get creating! We can’t wait to see what you make.

Anyone is eligible to take part as long as they are under the age of 18 and live in the Humberside Police area.

Please note that any photos emailed in to us could be used on social media as we see fit. 

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