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Hull father and son team launch revolutionary new vehicle decals business

Brandfixx, a new designer, manufacturer and fitter of vehicle branding kits, has launched with a bang, offering customers a unique and revolutionary vehicle branding product and service.

The business, owned by Vehicle Livery Solutions, was born out of the industry’s problems associated with the traditional method of branding a vehicle by manually ‘wrapping’ a large printed sheet of cast vinyl around the contours of a vehicle.

This is often a labourious, inefficient and time consuming process that has not significantly evolved for many years.

Rather than using these traditional vehicle ‘wraps’, Brandfixx utilises a modular technique, designed, manufactured and fitted to suit every type of vehicle.

David Saunderson, who founded Brandfixx with son, and managing director of the Vehicle Livery Solutions group, Greg, commented: “It’s a complete game changer, and I say that after spending an awfully long time in the vehicle graphics and wrapping industry.

“I have close to two decades of experience and understand the problems we’d come across when wrapping a vehicle – it is a time consuming, messy, labour intensive process that relies on expensive materials, specific fitting conditions and highly skilled applicators. I knew there had to be a simpler, faster and better way to brand a vehicle!

“And so we developed Brandfixx. Brandfixx uses precision, laser-guided 3D scanning technology to reverse engineer the surface of any vehicle, allowing us to create a bespoke, modular vehicle decal kit. This ensures a consistent, millimetre perfect fit for each individual decal panel. It is also much faster to apply – meaning that the vehicle is off the road for less time.

“Providing customers with design flexibility, branding can be changed quickly and easily. We even train our customers how to fit their own decals, so they can make updates themselves or replace damaged graphics in the event of an accident – something which is often overlooked by large fleet operators until an actual accident occurs.

“We’ve had a conversion rate of over 90% during our customer trials and we’re aiming for a European launch in the not too distant future.”

Brandfixx has launched with a team of 15 fully trained fitters, and is aiming to disrupt the livery market with its simple, quick-to-fit vehicle decal kits, which are over 50% faster and easier to install than traditional vehicle wraps.

They are also currently looking to hire more fitters to join the team.

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