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Throughout the Autumn term Year Six (Nile & Zambezi) of Wheeler Primary School began a mission to help the homeless of Hull. This was in response to hearing about the increasing number of homeless, including children, across our city.

Our teacher, Miss Owston, contacted Hull Project Hotdog, a charity run by a large group of amazing volunteers. We got to know Chris Winn, who also runs Café Hotdog on Spring Bank, and he taught us about the work the charity do.

Chris came in to our class to talk to us about homelessness in Hull and how it is growing by the day. We learned about the different stories and journeys the service users and ‘friends’ (Chris says they all become friends – they are just people) of Project Hotdog had been on. Some were very ordinary, very normal stories of people who had simply fallen on difficult times. This was the most shocking part for us. We knew we wanted to help. And so we decided to collect the very thing we knew the project needed – HOTDOGS. With the added help of, a spare change collection.

“The terrible stories I have heard in the news about the homeless of Hull don’t reflect ALL of those in our city – that is why I wanted to help.” Dominykas, 11, Y6 – Zambezi.

Using the stories of Hull’s homeless, we also wrote pantoum poems. Pouring our thoughts, feelings and emotions into our poetry, we read them with pride during the Harvest Service at St. Martins Church. Here Liza from the charity also joined us and spoke on behalf of Hull Project Hotdog. She thanked us for all of the hard work that we had put into helping to support the people from our city.

“It wasn’t hard for us to help because that’s what we do at Wheeler – it’s the Wheeler Way. We felt privilege to be able to!” Emilija, 10, Y6 – Nile.

But perhaps the most exciting part of our challenge was being able to present our amazing hotdog collection to the Hull Project Hotdog Fund. As a school community we collected an amazing 3000 hotdogs! As well as donating the charity £246. We were very proud of ourselves.

“By taking part in the project of raising funds and hotdogs I have realised the many different and sometimes ‘easy’ ways people can find themselves homeless. I’m glad I could do something to help.” Jevgenija, 10, Year 6 – Nile.

“The one message I would like to share with others about my experience of helping the homeless is, please give them time, give them a smile and lend them an ear. Most people just want someone to talk to. Five minutes could make all the difference.” Libby, 10, Y6 – Zambezi


By: David Akazue

I feel hungry and depressed,

Worried I might get killed,

I’m not sure what would happen to me,

But I’m embarrassed that someone won’t talk to me.

Worried I might get killed,

What will happen to me,

But I am embarrassed someone won’t talk to me,

What will happen and where will I be.

What will happen to me,

I don’t know what would happen to me,

What will happen and were will I be,

I feel hungry and depressed.

My fragile life gets destroyed each day

By:Jordan Shaw

My fragile life gets destroyed each day,

Creeping, ignoring, destroying me.

People ignore me through the day,

Rags and bags are what I carry every day.

Creeping , ignoring , destroying me.

Hopeless and helpless are my feelings

Rags and bags are what I carry every day

You live in paradise I live in hell.

Hopeless and helpless are my feelings

People ignore me every day,

My journey is a racing path.

My fragile life gets destroyed each day

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