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Surface Cleaning with a soft bristle brush in combination with suction from a museum vac

More love for the Truelove Flag

A long due conservation treatment on the 147 year-old Truelove flag from the Hull Maritime Museum is now complete. The 15ft (4.57m) Truelove flag, dating back to 1873 and on display at height for more than 40 years on the main wall within the whaling gallery, was lowered by technicians on January to enable conservation work to take place. Once laid flat over an expanse of tables, a thorough inspection of the textile and photographic…


Historic Truelove flag to be restored

The Truelove flag, dating back to 1873, is to be conserved as part of the major Hull Maritime project.The 147 year-old flag hung from the north wall of the old Pickering Park Museum and was on open display on the ground floor of the Hull Maritime Museum for four decades. Last month, the rare 15ft wide flag of the Hull whaler Truelove mounted on the wall on the ground floor was lowered and moved to…