New NHS teams introduced in schools and colleges across Hull to support children and young people’s mental health

As children and young people make their return to school after almost a year of home-schooling, the local NHS are introducing two Mental Health Support Teams (MHST) to support pupils in Hull with their mental health and wellbeing. The new service, which is being delivered in partnership between NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group, Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust and Hull City Council, will see mental health professionals integrate within schools and colleges to provide early…


Helping your Child or Teen Transition to School after Lockdown

The structured security and anchor of a school community removed under the social distancing of lock-down may have affected our young because as a distressing event, the pandemic may mean they do not have the tools to cope in healthy ways. This is because it effects their sense of feeling safe by over activating the fear centre of their brains. For teens, these fears may centre around a lack of certainty about their future such…


Stress less and be stress free

Are you stressed? Lets face it, I think all of us are suffering some form of stress or anxiety during these unprecedented times. Most of us carry on with work, being furloughed, school or home schooling but sometimes it all gets a little too much and we become overloaded. Normally we go through our daily life with  moderate amounts of stress. Historically, stress helped us stay alive – to escape threats, find food and simply…

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Sarah Winn... Fit Sista

Have you abandoned your usual Fitness regime in recent months

You’re not alone, as surveys show that two fifths of us are doing less exercise in this lockdown than in the first lockdown. It’s no surprise really, as back in spring 2020 it was nice weather, light mornings and evenings and the lockdown was initial a novelty for us. Many people actually increased their activity levels during the first lockdown by using their extra time to exercise more, start a new fitness plan and to…


Why taking care of your mental health could have physical benefits.

April is stress awareness month. It’s also IBS awareness month, and the 7th April is World Health Day. So it seems April a great time to think about our wellbeing! The events of 2020 and early 2021 have demonstrated just how much we need to look after our own health; maintaining good physical and mental health is vital if we want to be our best self for ourselves, our family and the wider world. Are…


City Group X Offers a Safe Space for Fitness, Health and Wellbeing

City Group X is a boutique fitness experience located inside the K2 Tower on Bond Street. Having closed its doors for the lockdown, it has now reopened thanks to a variety of new measures that make it a safe space for the whole family. Despite closing for four months, the team at City Group X remained dedicated to delivering premium customer service. Member payments were frozen as soon as the building became inaccessible and its…