Teenage Cancer Unit sets up new wig service for young people

Hospital staff caring for young people with cancer are launching a new service to help them when they lose their hair. The Teenage Cancer Unit at Castle Hill Hospital is teaming up with the Living With and Beyond Cancer team at the Queen’s Centre to set up a new wig service.  Young people who come to the unit for treatment will now be able to purchase wigs in modern styles and in vibrant colors including ombre,…

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Queen's Centre

Helping people with cancer and Covid-19

Hospital staff on a Covid ward have spoken of their work to care for patients with cancer who develop the virus. Ward 30, an oncology ward at the Queen’s Centre, looks after patients with complex symptoms of cancer. However, during the pandemic, the ward team have been looking after patients with cancer who have also been diagnosed with the virus. Ward Sister Hayley Butler said her entire team, including nursing staff, housekeeper and hygienist, ward…


Therapist boosts Daisy Appeal wellbeing with long-distance campaign

A holistic therapist has boosted the wellbeing of a leading local charity by raising funds and awareness from a campaign which reached customers the length and breadth of the country. Karen Engstrom, who runs her holistic therapy business and her Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic online shop from her home in Ackworth, West Yorkshire, contributed her commission from a week’s worth of sales to support the Daisy Appeal in memory of her late uncle, who lived…