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Specials supporting the force and communities

Our Special Constabulary across the Humberside Force area, who are all volunteers with full or part time employment elsewhere, are now part of our regular police patrols and supporting our Neighbourhood Policing Teams out and about in our communities during the unprecedented times we find ourselves in.

Over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend, instead of enjoying the predicted warm weather in their gardens, our Special Constables will be donning their police uniforms and patrolling the streets across East Yorkshire, Hull, North and North East Lincolnshire, to provide a visible presence and reassurance to our local communities.

Assistant Chief Constable Paul Anderson said: “Our Special Constables will provide additional resilience in supporting our Neighbourhood Policing Teams, by being able to provide a high visibility policing presence in our communities, which I hope is providing reassurance to our local residents during the current situation.

“The work Special Constables do should not be underestimated; they all have full or part time employment outside of policing, and choose to dedicate their free time to give back to their communities, and I want to offer my thanks for their continued support as we move into the Easter Bank Holiday weekend.

“The commitment and dedication our Special Constables show is truly commendable, and their assistance is invaluable.”

Special Constables are warranted officers the same as Police Constables, and some do go on to become full-time police officers.

They undergo 21 full days of training on weekends, mostly after they’ve completed a full working week as well as completing self-study in between the face to face training sessions.

Special Constabulary Chief Officer John Philip said: “We will always do whatever we can to support the force and our local communities.

“As Special Constables, we are members of the public with regular jobs, including in our area a Managing Director and a Head Teacher, who choose to volunteer our time in order to provide a valuable link between the police and the local community and to give something back.

“Giving just a few hours a week as a Special Constable can make a huge difference, and with the situation we are currently in, anything we can do that will offer reassurance to people we are more than happy to support.”

ACC Anderson continued: “As with police officers, the same powers in the new Covid-19 legislation applies to Specials, as they are sworn in and have all powers a police constable has available to use.

“The approach will also be the same; we will always look to engage with individuals for them to explain, for instance as to why they may be in a group of more than two people, and encourage them to understand why the guidance is in place – to stop the virus spreading and to save lives.

“Whilst we would rather not take enforcement action against anyone who is suspected of not adhering to any of the guidance, should this continue to be ignored or not adhered to, we will use the powers available which includes issuing fines and potentially arrests. 

“Most people are completely following the advice and I cannot thank everyone enough for all playing their part across the Humberside Force area, to protect each other, the NHS and to save lives.”

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