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New resources to help children returning to school

New resources have been developed to help children returning to school life. HeadStart Hull, along with Barnardo’s, have consulted children of primary school age to find out about their concerns, and helped to address these in new guides;

Stepping into Secondary School and Returning to School Life After Lockdown. The Stepping into Secondary School guide is designed to help children to explore their thoughts and feelings about the move to secondary school, so they can feel more confident and prepared, with the idea that sharing feelings with someone will help them get support if needed. It can be filled in with an adult or by the child themselves.

The ‘Returning to School Life After Lockdown’ booklet allows children to express their thoughts about how lockdown has been for them, and to look ahead to how returning to school might be for them.

The booklets are being distributed to schools for all key stage two pupils within Hull, as well as some secondary schools who are requesting this for pupils to complete in their first week of returning to school.

Councillor Peter Clark, Portfolio Holder for learning, skills and safeguarding children said: “We know that transition and returning to school may be difficult for some in 2020 as a result of the pandemic, so these guides will be valuable tools, not just for young people, but for parents and school staff as well.”

Electronic copies of the books are available at the resources section on the How Are You Feeling website at[]

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