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Join us for Summer Holiday Fun

We are over half way through the summer holidays and if you want to do something fun and worthwhile to do, why not take part in our ultimate Summer Holiday challenge?  

You can take part as an individual, with friends or family or something to get your children involved in to help make the summer holidays fly by!
2020 hasn’t exactly been the year we all hoped for but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun!  

Join WISHH for a Summer Holiday that will put the FUN into fundraising.Many of us have lost out on holidays this year and whether you’ve decided to hold off until next year or you’ve switched to seeing the best our country has to over on a staycation, we want you to holiday with us!

How can I get involved?
*         Email us at<>  and we’ll send you a virtual fundraising suitcase filled with tips, tricks, shareables and information about how to set up your fundraising page.

*         Think of a fantastic fundraising challenge that suits you.

*         Tell everyone you know about your challenge and invite them to support you.

*         Share your page and your story to everyone!  Make sure to tag @WISHHcharity as we love seeing everything you get up to.

*         Have FUN and help us raise money for our hospitals.Make sure you follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to keep updated.   We’ll be sharing some of your fantastic fundraising challenges.

What can I do for my challenge? We wanted to create a FUNdraiser for everyone, no matter what it is that you want to do.     We’ve put together a few ideas below but the possibilities are endless and we love seeing how creative our supporters can be.

Walking Challenges Get on your comfiest shoes and take to the streets for a walking challenge.    If you’re staycationing, why not check out the local area and make it a challenge!  See how many steps you can do as you explore your destination.   Did you have to cancel your holiday?  Why not theme your walk around your holiday?   You could walk try and walk the length of Copacabana beach (2.2 miles!) or walk the distance of Disneyland.  If you have a treadmill at home, why not check out these YouTube videos where you can take on your favourite holiday destinations from the comfort of your home!

SwimathonsWith pools opening again, it’s the perfect time to dust off your swimming costume and head back into the water.     Whether it’s swimming the length of the English channel or doing as many laps as you can, swimming is a perfect summer challenge for all you water babies out there!
Virtual Parties and QuizzesWhat kind of holiday would it be if we didn’t let our hair down for a party?  We’ve seen some fantastic virtual fundraising since March from virtual dance parties to pub quizzes.   Why not get dressed up and get your friends and families together over Zoom for a fabulous evening of fun?

Baking and CookingDo you think of yourself as the next Mary Berry?   Why not use those talents to raise money for our hospitals by hosting a baking or cooking event?    Whether it’s showing off your bakes on Instagram, selling your cakes to your neighbours or doing a live cooking tutorial on Zoom, we’d love to see what you cook up.     From around the world cooking challenges to holiday themed bakes, there’s plenty of ideas!

Arts and CraftsWe’d love to see how you can get creative to make some art.    You could hit the beach to make some impressive sandcastles, make some beautiful crafts, master every dance challenge TikTok has to offer or put on your own socially distanced summer show.     Why not use your talents to help our hospitals?

Event IdeasNationwide EventsDue to COVID-19, many of the biggest fundraising events have been cancelled or postponed but that doesn’t mean we can’t get into the spirit of things.   Here are a few upcoming virtual events that you might want to get involved with.The Official Great North Virtual Run Ride London
Still need some inspiration?

So what are you waiting for?   Email us<!>  today to join us on our Summer Holiday FUNdraiser.

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