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coffee is served indoors at Thieving Harry's following Coronavirus restrictions easing

As restrictions change we must all remember the basics – Hull’s Public Health lead

Today, as Coronavirus restrictions ease further, the city’s Public Health lead has said the basics of virus prevention must not be forgotten.

Key changes today include:

  • The return of indoor hospitality – two households or groups of six can meet inside pubs, restaurants and other venues
  • Overnight stays are allowed
  • Indoor attractions and entertainment including theatre, museums, galleries and cinema return
  • Indoor exercise classes and organised sport is back
  • 30 guests can attend significant life events and celebrations, including civil partnerships, weddings and funerals.

With the city opening up again and people able to get back together with friends and family, Julia Weldon, Director of Public Health at Hull City Council, said it was vital not to become complacent.

“There is so much to enjoy again, as we continue to move forward and see restrictions lifted. In Hull, our rates of Coronavirus are steadily reducing and the rollout of our vaccination programme is very successful. There is plenty to be optimistic about.

“What we must not do, is become complacent. The virus has not gone away and, particularly with the risk from new and emerging variants, preventing it spreading is as vital as ever.  We must all still wash and sanitise hands regularly, wear face masks everywhere required and keep our distance from people we are not meeting up with.

“If you have a temperature, new cough that doesn’t go away or food or drink tastes different or of nothing, then you might have Coronavirus. It is as important as ever to be aware of these symptoms and to isolate immediately and book a test if you have one or more.

“The importance of testing without symptoms is more important than ever, now we are mixing more. All of us should test twice a week – around one in three people who has the virus doesn’t feel ill at all, but can still pass it on. Regular testing catches these cases.

“The vaccine is one of the most powerful tools we have against the virus. It reduces the likelihood of becoming seriously ill by 85 percent and could even save your life. We must all have both doses to ensure it’s as effective as possible. If you have missed either dose when you were first invited, it’s not too late, you can still book any time.

“We have made so much progress and we want to continue moving forward. We must do it safely, and we must do it together”.

Get the full details of what we can do as well as remaining restrictions here: COVID-19 Response – Spring 2021 (Summary) – GOV.UK (

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