We support and promote the City’s talented population and provide a FREE PLATFORM for individual expression of a positive nature, be it; writing, poetry, music, art, photography, sport, dance, theatre, whatever your talent.

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We provide positive news on local events and achievements such as; Local Sports Teams, Kids Achieving, Charity Events, etc. In addition we have our regular features on Home Deco, Hull’s rich history, Gardening, Family Life, Local Business Developments/Achievements, Whats On, Police, NHS, Local Council, Emergency Services, Local Schools, Pets.

We would love to receive and post your podcasts, short videos, photographs, music, poetry.

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Jayne Bentley- Editor

It’s honest, homely and it’s about locals. Full of feel good stories form all age group thanks you form Hull City Scouts for our piece in the March issue.

Ann Cooper


Not only are there some great reads in your magazine but you also showcase some of Hulls children’s achievements too.
My daughter, Violot was so excited to be featured in your latest issue. Thank you for making our children’s dreams seem possible.

Laura Holmes


We picked up our first copy of the publication while we were visiting the BBC studios Coffee Shop in Hull, as it seemed to be the perfect companion to our cup of coffee. As soon as we turned the cover we realised there was something very different about the Hull Hub. 

A wonderfully warm welcome, led into page after page of stories and features about Hull and the people of the Hull, current, relevant, varied and informative, just what a local publication should be. What we thought would be a quick page turner, turned out to be something we wanted to take home, read properly and tell other people about. So much so that we picked up another copy on our way out to pass on to family.

With a perfect mix of local news, features, reviews, history, hobbies, poetry, the arts, school and academy sports there is something for all ages. We’d describe it as a local paperzine with a local personality. 

We are very excited to watch the Hull Hub grow and establish itself as one of the top publications in Hull, a place which it so positively promotes and believes in.

Peter & Paul


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