Resource Finder Medical Recruitment are proud to announce an ethical, sustainable
Nurse recruitment initiative that benefits both international healthcare providers and the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS).
On Thursday 3 rd October 2019, a signing ceremony at St. Luke’s Medical Centre in
Global City, Manila was attended by over 100 nurses, the UK Ambassador to the
Philippines, Daniel Pruce; Managing Director of Resource Finder Medical Recruitment,
Robert Fuller and the President & Chief Executive Officer of St Luke’s Medical Centre;
Dr Arturo S. De La Peña.
Currently there is a lack of awareness in the UK that the Philippines currently have a
shortage of nurses, leading to serious consequences for hospitals whose nursing staff
are leaving to work abroad with the UK being a preferred choice. The concerning
shortage is primarily due to a change in the Philippines education system adding an
additional 2-years to the latter part of secondary studies, along with a continued mass
(economic) migration to countries across the globe.
Working with St. Luke’s Medical Centre, Philippines, Resource Finder Medical
Recruitment have today launched a transparent, fully-funded pathway to employment in
the NHS, but more importantly a pathway that brings a sustained, controlled and
managed flow of recruitment of globally desired Nurses from the Philippines to the UK
with less disruption to the Philippines and those needing to access healthcare services.
Resource Finder Medical Recruitment have invested in a programme of development for
existing Philippines-based Clinical Nurse Trainers currently employed by St Luke’s
Medical Centre. These Clinical Nurse Educators are now certified to deliver the relevant
training as per the requirements of the UK’s Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC),
giving nurses across the Philippines an opportunity to complete the NMC’s Overseas
Nurse Process (ONP) whilst maintaining the delivery of much needed healthcare
services in the Philippines, maintaining their own employment and income and being
advocates for more nurses to come forward and work in the Philippines with an eventual controlled and planned migration.
Due to this expertise and programme being delivered in the Philippines, it will also
contribute to Nurses being able to undertake the final part of the ONP which is the
‘OSCE’ (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) sooner, this means a decreasing​
time period before Filipino nurses can work independently in NHS hospitals as UK
Registered Nurses, providing further safety and effectiveness for NHS workforces and
patients alike.
This is seen as an innovative and radical approach by a Hull-based company that has a
history of providing quality staff to many hospitals in the UK, with Nurses currently being deployed to; Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS, University Hospitals of Derby & Burton NHS Foundation Trust, North Lincolnshire & Goole NHS Foundation Trust, and
York Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.
The NHS constitution expresses that we should be responsible and ethical [Citation
Required]: But are we weakening this principle by inadvertently depleting the Nurse
population of a developing country? In the UK, we believe that medical staff employed
by the NHS come from countries with an excess. In fact, many of these countries suffer
from shortages too. The NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council) are currently looking at
ways of simplifying the process of bringing nurses into the NHS. However, this doesn’t
consider the extreme shortage of nurses in the Philippines. Last year, 12,000 nurses
arrived in the UK from the Philippines. Currently 80% of nurses employed by Filipino
hospitals want to migrate. They usually end-up in the UK, US, UAE, and Australia. The
Philippines’ dwindling supply of nurses has been exacerbated due to an absence of
available talent since of the shift to the K-12 educational system, consequently there
have been no graduates in the Philippines for two years.
We are setting a nationwide precedent implementing a more controlled and ethical
method of nurse recruitment in relation to employment of nurses from the Philippines to
the UK. We are hopeful that this initiative can be supported by the NMC.
Over the next year, Resource Finder Medical Recruitment will be joining forces with St.
Luke’s Medical Centre, Philippines supporting the following recruitment events:
 Review Centres Caravan in Metro Manila (Sep-Oct)
 Participation in the Philippine Nurse Association (PNA) Summit in Cebu (Oct 22-
 Student Congress at St Luke’s Global City (November)
 Presence in the Oath Taking with Continuing Professional Devt (CPD) Seminars
in Visayas and Mindanao (Dec-Jan 2020)
Resource Finder Medical Recruitment is a Hull-based international recruitment company
who provide permanent employment for international Doctors, Nurses and Allied Health
Professionals from around the globe.
St. Luke’s Medical Centres are a group of four hospitals in the Philippines that stretch
from the South to the North of the country.

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